Your Feet

Exercise and your feet

It is very important to take good care of your feet if you have diabetes.

Because you have diabetes, you may lose the feeling in your feet. When this happens, your legs and feet can be hurt without you feeling it. So you need to check your feet every day, and especially before and after exercising.

How to take care of your feet when you exercise

Before you exercise

1. Look at your feet! Look for:



ingrown toenails


dry skin

black spots

If you have any of these, tell your health care provider right away!

2. Make sure your shoes are in good shape.

If you have lost feeling in your feet, you have to take special care to have shoes which fit well.

3. Look in your shoes! Look for objects that might have fallen inside and take them out:


other things



4. Look at your socks!
   You need:
   clean socks

   no holes in socks

   no rough places in socks

After you exercise

1. Look at your feet and shoes again!

If you have problems, tell your health care provider right away! For more information on good foot care, ask at your local clinic.

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