Native American Diabetes Project

For a Healthier Tomorrow

A Prayer, by Georgia Perez
Great Spirit,
Thank you for another day in which I can spread my wings
like the eagle, gathering wisdom and strength
to make life's changes for a healthier tomorrow,
through working the body and taking the time to enjoy each other.

Great Spirit,
We thank you for your blessings that have provided
the healthy foods to nourish our bodies.

May we learn to appreciate and not take for granted
all that we know to made us healthier

May we be open to accept change that will benefit
not only ourselves, but our children as well.

Great Spirit,
Thank you for the sweet rewards that come from the soul
that we work with our hands.

May the rewards be plentiful as our families grow healthier,
to live longer and healthier lives.

Great Spirit,
Thank you for our family and friends.

May we continue to grow as one community
for a healthier tomorrow,
through supporting and sharing in times of need and joy.

Great Spirit,
And thank you for each and every day that we can enjoy
the blessings that you have given to us.