Native American Diabetes Project

Staff, Background, Philosophy

What is the Program Philosophy of the Office of Native American Diabetes Programs?
The Office of Native American Diabetes Programs purpose is to help people live longer and healthier lives with diabetes through the development of culturally acceptable educational curriculums that are designed to improve the health of persons living with diabetes and that of their families.  This has been a joint effort and is based on 12 years of work with Indian people with diabetes, their families and the communities.

The Curriculum
The important educational goals of the project are:

It is also our goal that by participating in this specially designed curriculum, Native American people will be Strong in Body and Spirit!

Why a Diabetes Education Program?

The curriculum “Strong in Body & Spirit!”
Strong in Body and Spirit! is a program designed to help people eat healthy foods and increase exercise.  This is done by:  listening to ideas from the community, suggesting exercises that are fun and good for everyone; helping people know foods to eat that are low in fat and low in sugar but still taste good; and giving people ways to ask for help from family and friends to make these changes easier and fun.

What you can expect from the program.

We are going to be talking about:

How to be successful with this program.

Taking the time to make healthy changes into a habit should be done one step at a time to ensure success.  It is recommended that as you go through this program, that you give yourself the time to make one successful change before you add another change.

We hope that you enjoy this program as much as we have in developing it.

If you are interested in learning more about our office and our programs, please contact:

Office of Native American Diabetes Programs
University of New Mexico/Department of Internal Medicine
1720 Louisiana Blvd., NE, Suite 312
Albuquerque, New Mexico   87110
Telephone No. (505) 272-8465

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