Growing Up With Diabetes
School Days

Jackie, age 7, Taos

Jackies day at Taos Elementary School is busy with classes, friends, recess, lunch and a 5 minute morning stop at nurse Judy's office. Here Jackie does a quick check of her blood sugar between classes. Jackie keeps all her glucose testing supplies in her Garfield "poke pack".
In just a few minutes Jackie takes out her glucometer, test strip and lancet and pokes her finger.

She then gently squeezes a drop of blood on the test strip pad and waits 45 seconds for the glucometer to record her blood sugar.
After her test, she disposes of the test stip in the special red plastic container. If her glucose is normal, a quick fruit snack will give her energy during her next class and recess, til lunch time. Five minutes of time and a visit with Judy are a special part of Jackie's school day.