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The Questa Health Center is a service of Presbyterian Medical Services (PMS). The health center serves a large area of northern Taos County, including all of the villages, communities, municipalities and rural areas north to the Colorado border, east to Colfax County, and west to Rio Arriba County.

The Questa Health Center is located on North Highway 522 in Questa, New Mexico. PMS was established for the purpose of providing health care services to underserved communities in the Southwest. Eligibility and payment for services, anyone is eligible to receive services at the Questa Health Center. The health center does not discriminate in providing care to any individual because of race, sex, religion, marital status, physical handicap, disability, or ability to pay. Sliding fees are set based upon the total household income and size of family, according to proof of income. Minimum charges are required for medical and pharmacy services. Payment is expected at the time of service. In addition to private pay, we accept Medicaid, Medicare, or private insurance. We will file the insurance forms for you. Each word of our Mission Statement was carefully chosen to reflect the purpose and goals of our organization.

Presbyterian Medical Services is an innovative, community-based organization which strives to provide high-quality, accessible, cost-effective, and affordable health and human services to the multi-cultural people of the Southwest.

The Questa Health Clinic offers the following services:

Medical Services
Dental Services
Mental Health Services
Alcohol/Drug Program

In addition to payments from patients and their insurance companies, the Questa Health Center operates with contracts and grants from a variety of sources. These sources include:

Medical Services
Every day , an average of 60-75 patients are seen at the Questa Health Center. Comprehensive family medical care is available at the the health center, including:

Because prevention is an essential component of our program, we offer comprehensive health education services, including family planning, nutrition, and disease prevention counseling.

Complete diagnostic and treatment services are available at the Questa Health Center. These include:

Our clinic physician is on the staff at Holy Cross Hospital, so patients can be admitted and treated in the hospital when necessary. Caring for Mothers and Children

Our perinatal program serves many pregnant women each year. We can provide presumptive Medicaid enrollment to qualified applicants. Our staff counsels mothers on proper nutrition, exercise, and personal care during pregnancy.

The Questa Health Center is a partner in the Taos County Maternal and Child Health Council. We work closely with the various providers and childrens's services organizations in Taos County, to make sure that our patients receive the services they need, including immunizations, school-based health care, and proper nutrition.

The Questa Health Center encourages families of the service area who qualify for Medicaid to utilize the Tot-to-Teen Wellness program, formally EPSDT. The program provides immunizations and checkups throughout childhood, to help ensure a healthy life.

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Dental Services
The dental clinic is a vital service of the Questa Health Center. The clinic operates at capacity for the staff of one dentist and additional support staff.

The Questa Health Center Dental Clinic provides emergency, preventive, and restorative dental care.

Services are provided to all age groups, from pediatric to adult dental care. We accept Medicaid as well as most dental insurance. X-Ray and other diagnostic services are available, and patients can utilize the medical clinic pharmacy for their pharmaceutical needs.

Special emphasis is placed on prevention of debilitating and painful dental disease, through education and personalized attention.

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Mental Health Services
Family Therapy
Adolescednt Counseling, Child Play Therapy, Marriage Counseling, Individual Adjustment, Transition Counseling, School Based Student Counseling, and Domestic Violence Group Counseling. Services are available for families and individuals based on funding, eligibility and sliding scale. Justin Friedman, MA, licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor. Phone # (505) 586-0322, call for appointment, 8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m.

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Segunda Vida
Alcohol/Drug Program, Joseph Marquez, Director, Family Therapy, Antabuse Monitoring, Educational probationers group, Defensive Driving classes, Court Evaluations, Seat-belt School, Community Service. Fees are income based; no one will be denied services. Phone # (505) 586-0322

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