My name is James Vigil I am 16 years old my birthday is on November 14. I was born in Taos New Mexico in 1984. My parents are James and Donna Lee Vigil.  I have one brother and one sister their names are Juan (he is 5 years old) my sister's name is Lynell Vigil (she is 17 years old).  My hobbies are snowmobiling in winter and camping and ridding my four wheeler in the summer.  I also like going hunting and fishing with my father.  The snowmobile I have is a 600 Artic Cat Powder Special the limited edition.  I have put some money into this machine like reeds, pipes, chips, a new 2" paddle track, and USI skis.  The four wheeler I have is a Polaris Sportsmen 500HO.  This bike cost 7,500 dollars.  As far as hunting goes I have gotten an animal every time.  I got 2 elk, my first elk was a 3x4 and my second one was a 5x5.  I have also gone antelope hunting and got a 36 in. pronghorn.  I have also gone deer hunting and I caught a 5x5. This is what I like to do in my spare time.

I have developed a website for my father's business.  Check it out at: