Anastacia Quintana
My name is Anastacia Quintana.  I was born on December second, 1985. I have three brothers that live in Oklahoma City.  Their ages are eighteen, twenty-one, and twenty-seven. I was not born in Taos but I've been raised here since I was two. I've been raised by several family member like my mother, grandmother, aunts, and uncles. I have six uncles, three aunts, and eight first cousins.

Living in Taos has been a good experience even though my mother is a single parent. I'm the only child in the house so when my cousins come it's a little bit different. Two of my younger cousins live in Boulder, Colorado so when they come to Taos it's different then Boulder.

In Taos there isn't a mall, so for fun we go to the movies, hangout at the youth and famly center, in the winter ice skate, in the summer swim, and cruise around town. Tourisum is a big thing in Taos.

I participated in the Rocky Mountain Youth Corps Day of Rembrance of Cesar Chavez.  Please visit the web pages I created about that day at: