My name is Ian Martin.  I have lived in Taos, New Mexico all my life.  I am 13 years old.  I have two brothers,  their names are Jonathan and Keith my mom and dads names are John and Debbie.  I go to school at Taos High School.  The things I to do for recreation is play basketball and football.  I do not play for the Taos Tigers because I just like to play for fun.

The food I like to eat is pizza, tacos, hamburgers, I like to eat most everything.  My favorite kind of car is Ford Mustang to be specific the 67 GT 500 Shelby Mustang.  For the truck I like the Ford Powerstroke and like the 70's model truck.  For a winter sport I like to Snowboard and Ski.  I snowboard in Angelfire,  New Mexico I also ski in Taos Ski Valley that is also in New Mexico.

The friends I hang out with in school are cool.  I get along  with lots of different people like the jokes the thugs most every body I get along with.  I have never got in a fight in school.  I do my work I hardly get in trouble with my teachers I am a pretty good kid.  Thanks for reading my biography you should see my website I designed it's at