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history of lowriders

"Lowriders, custom cars, Euros, mini trucks and HotRods have become the latest craze in the Automobile trend in the '90's. Originating within the Spanish and Aztec culture, the LowRider. Phenomenon has become a great hit with "Chicanos and Chicanas" alike! The act of having a LowRider itself, involves the owning of motor vehicle with altered and lowered suspension. This creates a very unique and dynamic effect, making the car more stylish and aerodynamic. The number 1 LowRider car used throughout the United States is The 1964 Chevy Impala. This is known as a typical "Gangster" mobile. Hydraulics have become a very popular, yet expensive fad. The use of hydraulic pumps and switches are utilized throughout the vehicle to create a "hopping" effect. The cylinders used to create the hydraulic effect are usually 8 or 10" in length. Wire wheels and custom paint graphics are also a must when it comes to creating a "Phat" lowrider. Quite often, images are airbrushed on the car to create custom murals. Chrome and gold plating are usually added in the later stages of lowrider creation to add a dramatic effect. However, no "Real LowRider" would be complete without a hittin' Boom system. This would be a stereo system which involves large subwoofers (10, 12, 15, or even 18"!!), cd player, tweeters and midrange speakers. These create a full effect, surround sound theatre style sound system. LowRider builders usually prefer the deep bass tone and low frequency response of rap and Hip Hop music.:

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History of lowriders

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