The Art of Wilfred Sandoval


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This page is for every one to see how great art is.  Not every one has the talent for art or the excitement for it so I will show you what my father has done.

My name is Nathaniel Sandoval and my father, Wilfred Sandoval.  Is one of the great artists in New Mexico.  In total he has sold around 115 or more paintings in less then 20 years.  He was born and raised and is a true Taoseno for his magnificent work, he also does murals on low riders, which is his favorite thing to do.  His first paintings are just as impressive as the last.  He draws everything from cars, women, flowers, mountains, planets, pottery, and stars, and his most talented work is the Taos Pueblo.  He is 37 going on 38 and first started drawing was when he was 14.  He never got too serious until he was a teenager.  He was born with that talent because he never took no study's for drawing.  In a way I look exactly like him but 22 years younger and about a half foot taller.  I could never be as good as him but I got some of his talents.  This sight is a sign of how good he is and to dedicate it for him as he is not painting at the moment but in the year to come he will continue his work.