About me

    This page is  plain and all about me, though I have only been on this earth for sixteen  years and counting it has seemed like a very long time.  there are lots of things out in this world that I want to do but there is also lots and lots of barriers that stand in my way. but you know I won't let these little things stop me from working towards my dreams of traveling the globe as a lone wolf, all by myself.

Here I am at the age 
of only 1 year.

   Any way I was born in Taos New Mexico on October 26, 1984 where from the time I was born bad luck was always by my side, I could tie my shoes by the age of 3 years old. then from there I went on to preschool where I ate, slept, and played my little heart out. Then first grade was fun , that's where I met my life long friend Kyle Bernal. Him and I use to get into all kinds of trouble when we were little.

    Then when I was in third grade my dad Thomas Montoya  enrolled me into the kiva (a place of the tribe where my clan goes to teach the young members of the pueblo how to speak and learn from the elders) where I learned how to survive in the wild with my dad at the age 5. For six months I spent the long hard months of brain busting work to graduate from the religious practice.

Here is another picture when I 
am about five maybe six. 

    when I got back to school my friend Kyle said, "where are your eyebrows".  I told him that when your in the kiva they shave them for a reason, and thats why they are shaved. Then after a while the eyebrows grew back and life went to normal.  The next grades passed by and then thats when all the fun and bad stuff happend.  All the crap came forward in seventh grade, in the third or fourth month of school we realized that school sucked. Now thats when most of us grew up to realize that hanging out and doing drugs was the in thing for most of us, but not me I knew better from watching my cousins lives go down the drain. Sadly my friend for six years left to go to high school at NAPS (Native American Prepitory school) where a smart guy like him belongs.  It was hard at first but I got use to not having a friend by my side.

    High school is a whole diffrent story.  The first month all I heard about was when is the next party and who's gonna be there. I though to my self what the hell Is up with these kids, thgere only as old as me and they want to act like thier some thirty year old couch potato sipping a beer. Now this alcohol was a new type of perpresure from all sides. The way I avioded this was always by taking alook at my dad's life and where one bottle turned into four, and then four turned into two cases. Sad as it is to say I may lose my father to alcohol.

This picture was taken when I 
was in seventh grade, and by 
that time my art was pretty 

    In the remaining months of high school I made a new life long friend his name was Bernie Bhuler. He would come to my house to hang out and play video games, watch movies, and watch our Direct T.V. because in Taos we only get eight local chanels.  At the end fo the year his mom got very sick and nearly died from cancer, So he had to move back to Utah where he previously lived.  Now thats when I though that life was unfair to every one, splitting up every one who had a best friend, now that was two friends that I had to part with,and now I've made a new friend. I haven't heard from him in the last year.

    Now it is the second year of high school, and I am doing good in all the effort I put into school. About the new friend I've made, his name is Shanti he likes to play cards. the type of card game he likes to play is pokemon becuase I like to play the game to. This is the cheap part of our friendship, he is going to graduate at the end of the school year, and again making hom the third friend I will lose in my cursed life time. Any way this is me from a child to a teen.

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