Valerie Rudolph
My name is Valerie Rudolph.  I am an 8th grade student attending Peñasco Middle School.  My hobbies are running, eating, sleeping, watching tv, hiking, and fishing.  I run cross country.  I have a little brother and a little sister.  My favorite shows are TRL, Say What Karaoke, All That, and Smart Guy.  My favorite movies are Liar Liar, Armageddon, Selena, A Night At The Roxbury, She's All That, and The Other Sister.  My favorite sport to watch is basketball.  My favorite team is the L.A. Lakers.

I am in the Open Studio Youth Project.  I have learned a lot about computers since I have been in it.  It has been an exciting learning experience.  I would like to thank La Plaza Telecommunity.

I designed a website about remedios (healing herbs) that we use in my family.  Please visit it at: