What are remedios?  In English it means remedies.  Remedies can be anything that relieves pain, cures disease, or corrects a disorder.  It can also be something that corrects evil.  I have taken remedios to cure colds and other illnesses.  I also have older relatives that have taken them since they were young and they still continue taking them now.  Many people, especially the older ones, take herbs to treat them, rather than take medicines in fear that they are putting dangerous chemicals in their bodies.  Some of our modern-day off the counter medicines now contain traditonal herbs, which are probably the most reliable.

    Remedios have been used in Northern New Mexico since the Native Americans first arrived.  Later the Spaniards arrived.  They brought some of their herbs and exposed them to the Native Americans.  In return, the Native Americans introduced osha and other native herbs to the Spaniards.

Some of the most popular herbs used in Northern New Mexico

 Here are some websites that provide information about herbs and remedies.

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