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La Llorona

As told by Victoria Gurulé
Drawing by Wayne Yazza
Peñasco Elementary, Grade 5

Once a girl was born into the world by a wealthy family, and her name was Alexandra. Alexandra was a very beautiful girl, but she was a snob. She wouldn't play with any of the poor little girls, only the wealthy little girls. She went to a club that only the wealthy girls were allowed to be in. Everyday all the poor little girls would pass by the club and wish they were wealthy so they could go in. Alexandra was the richest girl in their club. Her best friend was Cassie.

When she was a teenager all the guys would ask her and Cassie to dances, but they would only choose all of the handsome guys.

When they were grown up women, Alexandra and Cassie were always at the bars having a good old time checking out all of the men. One day Alexandra saw the most handsome man she had ever seen in her life. Then the two women got into a fight because both wanted him for their husband someday. Alexandra won his love, of course, and from that day forward Alexandra and Cassie became the worst of enemies.

This man's name was Craig. Soon they were married and before long they had a little girl and named her Ivy. Alexandra spoiled her rotten, and let her do whatever she wanted to do because she was treated like that when she was a child. Craig was tired of Alexandra letting Ivy do whatever she wanted. He thought she needed some disapline. So he divorced Alexandra.

Craig would visit Ivy all the time. One day when he came to visit Ivy he brought Cassie with him. This really set Alexandra off. She took Ivy by the hand and pulled her to the river. Without thinkng, she pushed her in, and she drowned. Alexandra when home without realizing what she had done. The next morning when she woke up she noticed that Ivy wasn't there. She snapped to what she had done. When she got to the river she found a puddle of blood. She remembered what she had done and she burst out crying. She knew that she had better keep quiet or she would be charged with murder. So every time that Craig and Cassie would come over to visit Ivy, Alexandra would tell them that she had sent her to live with her grandparents. Craig was very upset because he said that she should have talked it over with him. He wanted to see his daughter so bad that he went over to Alexandra's parents house.

Alexandra didn't know what to do. She finally broke down and confessed to Craig what she had done. He reported to the police and they found her guilty of murder. They sentenced her to death by hanging. They hung her by the river. From then on people say that wierd things happen near the river.


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