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Regional Award Winners

This year's theme for Business Professionals of America is "Experience the Magic". The ultimate goal of every member is to work hard in order to experience the magic at the National Conference in Orlando, Florida!

Eighteen Business Professionals of America students are working toward this goal. They include: Angela Chacon, Nathan Fernandez, Renee Garcia, Carlos Gonzales, Rebecca Gonzales, Angelica Lopez, Michael Lopez, Owen McDonald, Colleen Miller, Danielle Montoya, Destin Moulten, Yvette Pacheco, Daniel Romero, Nieves Romero, Jenelle Sweeny, Valerie Trujillo and Danette Martinez.

The membership elected their officers and planned the year's activities in September. The chapter officers are:

Angela Chacon-President

Nieves Romero-Vice President

Angelica Lopez-Secretary

Nathan Fernandez-Treasurer

Daniel Romero-Parliamentarian

Jenelle Sweeney-Reporter/Historian



Planned fund-raising activities; elected officers; planned leadership and citizenship activities for the year.


Sold candy; rehearsed for Torch Awards Ceremony; planned reception for guests at the Torch Ceremony.

Members invited parents, administrators, board members, and PTO members to their Torch Awards Ceremony which also featured the installation of officers and the induction of new members. A reception was held after the ceremony for all participants and guests.


Helped the Bilingual department with the Parent Institute by preparing promotional flyers, introduced guest speakers, and ushered people to workshops.


Members are sponsoring a Food Drive for the needy and selling personalized posters and mugs to raise money for State Conference.


Members trained hard for the Regional competitive events in February.


Competed against eleven other schools at the Region V Business Professionals of America Conference which was held at West Las Vegas High School. Any member who placed 1st through 4th will be competing at the State Conference.


Members who qualified at Regionals will compete at the State Conference which will be held at the Marriott Hotel in Albuquerque. Students who placed 1st through 3rd will be eligible for competition at the National Conference.


Students who qualified at State will attend the National Conference in Orlando. In addition to leadership workshops, and competitive events, students will also go to Disney World, Epcot Center, Universal Studios and Sea World.


Awards Banquet for members and parents.

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