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Organizing the Peñasco Multicultural Fair

Cultural Projects for the "Festival Multicultural"


The culture of Northern New Mexico consists of many different valuable and unique aspects, such as, celebrations, traditions, language, art, etc. made up especially of the groups of Hispanics, Native Americans, and Anglos. This this Festival Multicultural will offer the students the opportunity to research, rediscover and compare their culture with others so they are proud of where they came from and where they are going.

At the same time, in doing this project the students will acquire a multicultural respect and value for the diverse cultures in which they live. The activities will link the learning of the language of Spanish into meaningful activities to help them to discover themselves as individiuals and as a group.

Presentation Format

Students will write a three to five page report on some aspect of local culture accompanied by a series of photographs or graphics which complement the essay. Student reports will be displayed in the old gym during the two days of the Festival.


The most important goals of our project are as follows:


In order to complete this project we needed the following items:

    1. Videos of Northern New Mexico culture
    (available through the Cultural Reporter series; Tom Snyder,1995)

    2. Cultural reporter student workbook

    3. Tape recorders

    4. Tapes

    5. Video camera

    6. 35 mm camera

    7. Space: the old gym

    8. Funds for visiting performers from the community

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