Virus Protection Assistant
Easy Way to Prevent Email Viruses From Destroying Your Computer

Each computer infected by an email virus can cost you thousands of dollars in down time, repairs, and lost data. You can now be protected 24/7 without installing new software and without ever having to update via the Internet again. The Virus Assistant powered by McAfee patented anti-virus technology stops viruses BEFORE they reach your computer, preventing costly damage.

You do not need to install and constantly update new software or hardware.

The Virus Assistant is the easy way to prevent email viruses from destroying your computer. All incoming messages are scanned before they reach your computer. If a virus is detected, it is quarantined away from your computer in your personal, web-based message center.

You are notified immediately via email of the potential virus. You can log in to your message center where you can review the email without risk of infecting your computer.

The Virus Protection Assistant:

  • Protects all your computers 24/7 with the most up-to-the-minute virus technology
  • Quarantines viruses before they hit your computers, preventing thousands of dollars in damage
  • Updates automatically, you do not need to remember, and spend time retrieving the latest protection
  • Requires no new hardware or software, saving you money and computer resources, and NO program conflicts
  • Allows you to read infected messages without risk of infecting your computer
Please remember that no virus scan is always 100% effective or fail safe, but Postini uses McAfee Virus software , so it provides the best e-mail virus scan money can buy. We still recommend you have virus scanning software on your computer to capture viruses that may be in files you download off the Internet or if you share floppy disks, cd's etc, but Postini will capture 99% of e-mail viruses. Also if you receive email from another La Plaza user you could also become infected if that user has a computer virus. The reason for this is La Plaza users email does not go to Postini servers.

Don't wait until the next virus scare. Getting the Virus Protection Assistant is as easy as saying the words I want the Virus Protection Assistant.

Also included with this is Junk/Spam Email Filtering. To learn more about this feature click here