Whether you're continuing from Windows 2000 Networking Setup or running Outlook Express for the first time, you will see the Internet Connection Wizard. Select 'Create a new Internet mail account' and click "Next":

 On the next screen, enter the name you want displayed to the recipients of your email messages, then click "Next":

 Enter your email address, then click "Next":

 On the next screen, verify that 'POP3' is selected as your incoming mail server type. Enter '' for both Incoming (POP3) and Outgoing (SMTP) mail servers, then click "Next":

 Type in your POP3 login (account name) and password, click the 'Remember password' checkbox if you want Windows to remember your password (and prevent you from having to type it in every time), then click "Next":

 Select whether you'd like to connect immediately, then click "Finish":