Minutes of the LLNA General Meeting

Date: March 21, 1999

Place: 2051 Lama Star Route (The Dove's Barn)

Time: 3:00 p.m.

Attendees: see attached list

Justin called meeting to order. CeCe read minutes from last meeting. They were accepted without change. Bill gave the Treasurer's report and it was accepted (see attached reports). Rick Dove raised the question of whether the VFD will eventually separate itself from the LLNA. Bill believes it will be in everyone's best interests if that does happen and is looking into what other fire departments do.

Slate of officers presented by the nominating committee for the 199-2000 Board was offered as: Rita Hall, Scott Shuker, Steve Moser, and Butchie Denver. Call was made for one additional officer and any other nominees from the floor. Bill R. nominated CeCe Dove and she accepted. Each nominee spoke briefly. Bill R. made a motion that the President should instruct The secretary to offer a white ballot. This was seconded by Rick. Vote was 14 ayes (including 4 proxies, see attached) and 2 opposed. There followed some discussion on our voting methods.

Justin recognized Ray Zara for his work on the Newsletter along with Rick Dove. He invited Ray to sit on the Board, but Ray declined.

Butchie gave a brief report on the recent precinct elections.

Bill R. gave the VFD report. He has requested a formal inspection by the State Fire Marshall. When the VFD passes this inspection, the year probation formally begins. He reported that the State Forestry Dept. gave us new gear to outfit 10 volunteers and noted that the State Fire Marshall has lent us a fully functional truck for one year.

Rick gave his report on the organizational aspects of the VFD. We had been stalled temporarily by the new Commission but that is breaking loose. The $10,000 HUD grant needs to be spent quickly and he is working on purchasing lumber and has obtained 7 bids. He is attempting to get a purchase order issued at the March Commissioner's meeting. Foundation drawings should be available by the end of April and construction should begin shortly thereafter.

Ray gave a brief report on each of the four trucks that have been either borrowed or donated to our VFD, including their condition and possible uses.

Justin asked for ideas on the future of the LLNA. He offered that he would like to see the new Board raise money for the VFD. Bill said we need $3 to $5,000 to get through the first year on our own before the State funding would become effective.

There was some discussion about possible grant money from HUD that Butchie believes may be available.

Rob Watt talked about the Domestic Water Assoc. as President and stated that he would like to interact more with the LLNA and the Board so that we can work together. He also would like to see us all get together for a day of fun and no meetings.

Justin called a meeting of the old Board and the newly elected Board for April 23rd at 10 a.m. at The Dove's home. Meeting adjourned at 4:45 p.m.

CeCe Dove, Secretary