Minutes of the LLNA General Meeting

Date: July 11, 1999

Place: 2051 Lama Star Route (The Dove's Barn)

Time: 2:00 pm

Attendees: see attached list

Meeting called to order by Butchie at 2:15 pm. Proxies were tendered to the Secretary (see attached).

Butchie opened the discussion on the status of the Comprehensive Plan and David Gomez's critique of our Vision Statement. The question was raised as to whether we wish to continue on and develop a land use plan based on his comments and our previous work or should we scrap the whole thing. Discussion followed and Bill R made a motion: That we revise our Vision Statement to incorporate David's sugestions and that we then prepare a land use plan based on our revised statement. This motion was seconded by Erica and carried with 12 ayes and 1 Opposed.

CeCe volunteered to incorporate David's suggestions into our current Plan and have it ready for our next mailing preceding our next General Meeting in September. Butchie volunteered to work on a land use plan outline.

Rick Dove gave his report on the VFD. Drawing are in hand that can allow the County to go to bid. The expectation is that we will likely pour a foundation for the Fire House only this year and possibly get it framed before the winter. The Community Center will have to be deferred to Phase II.

Bill Reifsnyder gave his report as Fire Chief. We will see about $1200 to $1400 in cash from the Tango participation. He recommended that the Fire Department by separated from the LLNA so that funds will no longer be intermingled. Peggy made a motion: To separate the Lama Volunteer Fire Department from the LaLama Neighborhood Association. CeCe seconded the motion. The motion carried with 11 Ayes and 1 Opposed.

CeCe passed out copies of the current bylaws of the LLNA with suggestions about how they might be amended to make more sense and asked everyone interested to read them and make their suggestions for the next meeting.

Minutes from the last meeting was read by the Secretary and accepted unanimously. Rita Hall gave the Treasurer's report with Rick Dove objecting to its unexplained discrepancy of a few dollars. Motion was made by CeCe Dove to accept the report and seconded by Peggy Nes. Motion passed with 11 Ayes and 1 Opposed.

It was noted that we would send out dues notices with our next general meeting announcement.

Butchie gave a report of the CNA meetings for the past three months and there was some discussion about the current political climate with our current commissioners.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:15 pm.

Cecelia Dove