Minutes of the LaLama Neighborhood Association Meeting

Held on December 13, 1998

Place: 2051 Lama Star Route (Dove's Residence)

Time: Meeting brought to order at 3:15 p.m.

Attendance: 11 (see attached list)

Rita Hall conducted the meeting in the absence of the President, Justin Friedman. Minutes were read by CeCe Dove, Secretary, and accepted without change.

Bill Reifsnyder gave the Treasurer's report. The Neighborhood Assn. has a balance of $1,063.48. He has set up a subaccount for the Volunteer Fire Dept. which currently is negative $22.95. To date, he has received $500.00 specifically targeted to the VFD and the VFD has spent $522.95. The reconstruction fund has a balance of $296.10 and has spent $1,345 total this past year, mostly on tree planting. The Treasurer's report was accepted as read.

Rick Dove gave a report on the building of the firehouse. He noted that the land has been staked out, but the stakes may move depending on the architect's approval. He also said Latir has an additional truck that they may give to us, but they need to take a vote on it yet. He talked about the need for volunteers to help with getting materials donations for the construction and the need to move on this as soon as we have a materials list. Terry Klein reminded him of Furrow's offer of cost + $10% to the community after the fire. The offer was good for 3 years and will expire in May of 1999.

Terry Klein also mentioned that the State is going to be putting in paved shoulders on Rt. 522 starting in April and will have to remove large trees do accomplish this. She asked everyone to keep their ears open for a tree spade to possibly make use of these trees for the fire victims.

Carol Hinton asked if anyone had approached Bud Wilson about his burned trees for use in construction. Rick allowed as no one had yet but someone would be doing that.

Bill Woodall introduced his son, Buck, who owns property on Lama. Bill also asked if anyone had any problems with the current design. He expressed his concern about the need for carefully specifying the turning radius for the trucks because they will need at least 24-30 feet. Bill W. also brought up the insurance problem for volunteers working on the construction. He is working on the problem because the contractor must have insurance available before a permit can be issued. He also stressed that an organized campaign needs to be waged for fund raising and he said that he would be interested in working on that end.

Bill Reifsnyder reiterated the need for house numbers being visible from the road. He passed on information about how to obtain a number if you don't already have one.

Bill Woodall asked if anyone has looked into the possibility of a well yet. There was some discussion about this.

Bill Reifsnyder suggested that if there were no objections he would ask Justin to name a nominating committee before the next general meeting in March since that is when we hold election for officers.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:30 p.m.

Cecelia Dove