Ashley Jarrett

Welcome to my web page! My name is Ashley and this is the page I have built for the La Plaza Cyberyouth project that I am activly participating in. I am a sophmore at Taos High School in Taos, New Mexico. I have lived in NewMexico most all of my life. I moved toAngel Fire from my birthplace, Omaha, NE at the age of four  with my dad, mom and littlebrother, Travis. My parents are now divorced,and I live in Taos with my mother and her boyfriend,Phil, and my little brother, of course.

I have an obsession with horses, a passion you might call it, and spend every waking moment with my 1998 Sorrel Tobiano Stallion, Jets Little Doc aka "Doc". Doc and I have amassed many show titles and won Grand Champion HalterStallion at the New Mexico State Fair this year. We will also be competingfor  Rodeo Queen in June. He is my sweety and I dont know what I woulddo with out him. It is alot of hard work having a horse, a stallion atthat, but I know that someday there will be rewards, like this spring whenDoc's  first foals are born. I also have two dogs. The first, "Riley"is a four year old Blue Heeler/lab mix. He is my guardian and sleeps onmy bed. The second, "Ranger" is a 2 year old pueblo mutt that looks likeone of those guys from Star Wars, with the big ears all pointy and stuff. Im quite the farm girl and love my critters!
Well that is all about me for now.

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