Jason Calhoun

My name is Jason Calhoun I was born in Santa Fe New Mexico and have been living in Taos for my entire life. Most of my interests include watching TV, eating along with reading comic books, and playing video games. My parents are Patsy Calhoun and my dad is dead and has been since I was in seventh grade. My brother is Chris Calhoun and he has or has a job at the ski valley for a few years. I have two dogs, my out door activities include going to the mountains, and harvesting lots of wood for the winter time. I  roller blade even though I was forced to start blading by my mom and brother, it is a good excuse to get out of the house. I have practically no friends at school and am flunking all but two classes. Thats only cause the ones I'm passing are bird courses. The music in my life is either hard death-metal, rock, or shock rap. My favorite band is Slipknot and my favorite rappers are Twisted Blaze and the Insane Clown Posse. 


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