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The Recipe for a slow suicide...

A dash of acetone, a pinch of Insecticide.  Throw in some lighter fluid and some rocket fuel, some rat poison, mothballs and that stuff they use in the gas chamber. stir, roll and smoke!

(Serves up 5287 deaths in New Mexico)

Many ingredients in cigarettes are POISON 
Others are known carcinogens (cancer causing substances)

Found in Cigarettes
Also Found in: Poisonous? Carcinogen?
Acetone Paint Thinner Poison
DDT insecticide Poison
Naphthalene mothballs Carcinogen
Cadmium car batteries Poison
Formaldehyde embalming fluid Poison
Carbon Monoxide ------------- Poison Carcinogen
Butane  lighter fluid poison
Hydrogen cyanide  gas chambers for execution purposes  poison
Methanol  rocket fuel  poison
Nicotine  --------- poison, addictive
Tar --------- -----
Naphthylamine ----------- Carcinogen
Toluidine ----------- Carcinogen
Polonium - 210  ---------- Carcinogen
Potassium - 40 ---------- Carcinogen
Sulfur dioxide  Volcano eruptions poison
Benzpyrene  --------- Carcinogen
Pyrene  --------- Carcinogen
Vinyl chloride  --------- Carcinogen
Dibenzacridine  --------- Carcinogen

Well Duh!!!!!!!

The Unfiltered Truth!
By: Jason McCarthy

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