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Mission Statement         

The Northern New Mexico Telecommunications Advocacy Group, (T.A.G.), is a consortium of individuals and organizations who have demonstrated significant leadership in the advanced technology and telecommunications arenas.

Geographic Boundaries

  • North to the Colorado border
  • East to I-25
  • West to State Rd. 44
  • South to Santa Fe

Note: These boundaries are intended as a baseline in order to proceed with the TAG Charter. With majority approval they may be amended at any time.

Primary objectives:

  • Survey and audit of all telecom/power infrastructure within defined boundaries. Produce single map incorporating audit results, existing state, federal and private infrastructure maps.
    Develop working database based on results of infrastructure audit.
  • Establish legislative and regulatory oversight sub-committee. Evaluate new and existing PRC and FCC regulations and State legislation for purpose of submitting NNMTAG endorsement or rejection.
    Produce legislation to prevent or remove barriers to fair competition, and provide incentives for ILEC's, CLEC's, Rural Telephone Companies, Electrical Coop's, ISP's, or any organization willing to invest in telecom infrastructure and advanced services. Produce and support legislation promoting bandwidth and facility sharing where feasible between state/federal government and the private sector.
  • Establish Consumer Education sub-committee for purpose of educating residential and business telecommunications consumers.
    Primary education focus: Necessity of advanced telecom services and infrastructure for improving education, medicine and economic development in rural New Mexico.
  • Identify current telecomm services and infrastructure projects in key communities within defined boundaries. Assist where possible within the guidelines of the formal NNMTAG mission statement.


Obtain scaleable state-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructure and advanced services for rural New Mexico.
Provide avenues and incentives for economic development opportunities in rural New Mexico.

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