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Minutes August 16, 2000
Jemez Electric Co-op.


Present: Chuck Bloomquist, Elmer Salazar, Ed Spivak, Lisa Cochrun, Judith Pepper, Patrick Finn, Pat Vanderpool, James Roybal, Gilbert Martinez, Bill Garcia, John Dawson, and Dr. Susan Oberlander.

The meeting started at 12:15Pm at Jemez Electric Co-op. (Thanks James Roybal) Committees gave reports.


Salazar reported that the infrastructure team was at a standstill without funding. The maps are posted on the TAG site ( Further work to be done includes: -collection of maps from the rest of the region, including wireless; -integration of maps into one master map; -determine carriers concerns, such as proprietary info and to what degree and under what parameters they can participate in mapping; and -mapping the model solution for RCTC , to be integrated with master map. The RCTC model technical solution can be applied throughout the region. Dawson said the State may be able to help with mapping and noted that maps and information require ongoing updates. This will require a funding strategy. Salazar gave an update of the ASCI/DisCom project.


Judith Pepper asked about follow up for a media campaign. A list of articles was made and will be distributed. TAG members will be asked to identify local contacts and "subjects" on which to write articles. This is necessary in order to make the topic real and bring home the importance of telecom to our communities. Distributing the articles list and asking for feedback led to the need for an up-to-date membership list and membership qualifications. A committee will determine qualifications for TAG membership, including required attendance at meetings and taking on TAG projects. Pepper will update the list now posted on the site and distribute consumer ed materials. Bloomquist is in charge of maintaining the listserve. Pepper will organize a winter e-commerce conference with Cochrun and Belinda Padilla. Vanderpool gave an update of the statewide telecom conference "road show" with Spivak and Roberto Salazar. Telecom conferences can be posted on the site by emailing notices to Pepper. A teleom conference for the Tribes was announced. Information can be found at the TAG web site and Meeting the needs of the Tribes was discussed.


Oberlander gave an update on the public policy forum to be held for TAG later this year. Spivak spoke of the success of the Clovis public policy forum. Topics will include model ordinances, sharing state-owned bandwidth, creating a state telecom infrastructure fund, and setting minimum standards for bandwidth. The biggest questions involve streamlining right of ways. The trend is towards leasing right of way as opposed to franchises. TAG members will be asked to review the ordinances for how they help or hinder deployment.


Finn gave an update on the RCTC project. The study is complete; the next step is to shop the business case to attract service. McCandless is chairing this project.


Bloomquist gave an update of Kit Carson's projects. Bill Garcia gave an update of Valor's purchase of GTE New Mexico to be approved on September 1st. Spivak distributed an outline for a regional telecom master plan.


10-12AM Tuesday September 19, 2000 Jemez Electric Co-op



1. Map Team to sit down w/ GIS Team assembled by John Dawson - 8/24 - 9 AM

2. Funding committee ( w/ Cristina) to review long term / ongoing budget draft provided by John Dawson prior to next TAG meeting ( 9/19).

3. R-O-W issues: Pat to ask Joe Trujillo, Senator Domenici's tribal affairs staff, to assist in establishing a dialogue about right-of-way issues with regional Pueblos.

4. Lisa to schedule a TAG Team presentation to ENIPueblo Council.

Consumer Ed:

1. Judith will take the lead in designing a Winter Conference complementary to Connect NM and TAG Team Road Show schedules and agenda (101 / leapfrog / public policy / ?)

2. Judith will review previously established media campaign to determine course of action, including distribution of article ideas to TAG members for feedback on local angles..

Public Policy:

1. Public Policy Team led by Susan will continue prep for a regional public policy conference.

2. Legislative Initiatives: TAG Team members are invited to submit legislative ideas to Susan. Pat, Ed, and Bill will screen and review for common ground and viability, and will prioritize based on input from team members and related BIZNET members.

Community Based Projects:

1. The following will keep TAG members informed on progress:
Pat Finn - business cases in Jemez territory and Deming
Lisa - Regional Telecom Consortium (Santa Fe / Los Alamos / Espanola)
Chuck - Kit Carson roll-out
Bill - Valor / GTE merger
Cristina - Espanola e-commerce project

2. Pat, Ed, and John Dawson will review Ed's master plan model and John's rural telecommunications model for common ground and applicability as a template for future TAG projects. John's infrastructure model, coupling both local and statewide infrastructure solutions, is compatible with the public policy and technical infrastructure visions inherent in Ed's master plan outline.


1. Ed, Lisa, and Pat will review the current TAG Team membership list and update.

2. Ed, Lisa, and Pat will draft list-serve and membership guidelines to be presented at the next meeting.

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