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Minutes November 20th


Lisa to draft letter of formal request to Milo and Finn to ask Jemez Electric to allow use of its telecom study for TAG's regional masterplan- all TAG members be at Board of Trustees meeting Nov. 30th 10 a.m. to support request

Lisa to draft TAG letter of support to PRC for Qwest AFOR

Dawson to ask Carlisle for appointment of a MagNet rep to TAG (but Dawson not allowed to retire from TAG)

PV to book follow up Ezone meet with reps from all three TAGs and Badal and Swan

Ed LisaSusanPV- Telecom conference for public policy Dec 1- come help

Next meeting

10-12 Tues. Dec. 19 (3rd Tues of the month) at Jemez Electric

I. UPDATES A. Mapping

What level of detail and preciseness do we need? Need different details according to the purpose of the map...for engineering or regional planning or P.R. macro view to get the point across?

1. John Abdallah from March Company - has done overlays
2. What do we need on a basic map to be filled in with other info?
3. anchor tenants
4. hwys
5. cities, counties
6. longhauler/backbones
7. ILEC and CLEC territories
8. cable deployment
9. local calling territories
any suggestions?

B. Consumer Ed.

No dates have been set, probably February. Judith will look into Bob Coppedge's teleliteracy project and its videos, underwritten by US West, involving. Group supported the work of Coppedge.

C. Public Policy

Forum set for December 1st. Speakers include Badal (Qwest), Swan (Valor), Binder (Comcast), Cordova (ENIPC), need a wireless/tower speaker, Cisneros (highways), Brunner (Counties), Dwyer (Cities)

D. Regional Masterplan

EDA and RDC have approved the contract w/ TRADE to complete the masterplan. Preliminary meetings are under way to hit the deck running.

E. HP digital Village

Proponents did not feel fully prepared to take on the HP project in full, but HP talked them out of withdrawing the proposal and chose to help strengthen the proposal. The group is still working on the plan and the Espanola CDC is still hopeful to see the project through. Gallup dropped their application to HP. The Foundation was unaware of the unique obstacles faced by rural regions and is very willing now to assist.

F. Jemez Electric Co-op's Telecom Study

Is complete. Highlights the need for more bandwidth in the area. Jemez is looking into partnering with others to address the community's needs.

G. Asci Discon

Is going forward. LANL needs OC48 by January 1, 2001. Order went to Qwest for interim bandwidth, but still need multiple OC192s. Currently are in right of way discussions.

H. Pueblo Right of Way Issues

TAG has been asked to help educate Tribal members about telecom issues and their impact on Pueblos

I. State Update

Need for network to network interchange (NNI) between carriers is critical because frame relay (for packets) is basis of exchange but there are no NNI's across ILECS or CLECs, making data transfer a problem for State gov offices

1. is issue of price
2. need to get technological solutions w/ the carriers and address proprietary and legal issues
3. in short haul, are revenue issues because all sides make money
4. MCI, Rangefire, Time Warner, Valor, Qwest have a stake
5. MagNet - there will be an RFP in Taos and Carlsbad for government and schools to aggregate demand to buy together.
6. ATM switch in Taos is now in Colorado.

II. Legislative

A. Telecom Infrastructure Memorial Proposal

Blue ribbon panel to be formed by Executive Office to promote telecom solutions (being reviewed)

B. Legislative agenda

TAG adopted 3 legislative initiatives, pluz ezone. Legislators/champions will need to be identified and legislation drafted. These initiatives are:

1. A telecom infrastructure revolving loan fund
2. Establish public policy for state and local highways and public works projects to install telecom duct on all new and rebuild projects
3. Allow commercial use of state microwave radio relay system - AND RESULTING BANDWIDTH (BOTH FIBER AND MICROWAVE)

III. Ezones

PV gave update and proposed format for feedback

IV. AFOR Qwest

TAG voted to support Qwest's AFOR and darft a letter for the group to go to the PRC

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