Online and Distance Learning

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Cyd Strickland, Bill Bramble, Howard Besser

Cyd Strickland
Developing seminars on electronic community--22 seminars held so far

Bill Bramble
Issues in Rural Delivery of Higher Education Courses

Distance education at UNM:

Importance to Students:

Value to University:

During 1995-96, UNM offered distance education programs in engineering, nursing, special education, extended services (graduate courses in nursing public administration, psychology, education, business), international programs, professional development, K-12 enrichment.

Tried to create an open network with gateways to the rest of the world. They have had conferences both within the US and internationally.

Rural Course Delivery

Issues in Rural Program Delivery and Reception include:

Howard Besser
Besser has taught a class jointly at the University of California - Berkeley and the University of Michigan for the past two years using distance learning technology. The Web page that resulted from that course can be reached at

The Berkeley/Michigan Experiment

Frameworks for Examining Distance-Independent Education

Framing Distance Education Activities

Infrastructure & resources needed

Classroom Presentation Differs

Role of instructor & Instructional Support

Multi-campus sites

Locus of control

Issues of Teaching With the World Wide Web

Management Issues

Social & Policy Issues

Course Modularization

Impact of Distance Education

Impact on Instructor and Instructor Community

Impact on Student Experience

Important Questions

For more information, E-mail Besser or view his Home Page.

Also, a Distance Education page is currently under construction.

Finally, please note that a Special Perspectives issue on Distance-Independent Education, edited by Howard Besser and Stacey Donahue of the University of Michigan, will be available from the Journal of the American Society for Information Science in October 1996.

Reported by Emily Lenhart.