Taos Talking Picture Festival, April 6-9, 1995

1995 Media Literacy Conference

Cast and Crew

Taos Talking Pictures is a New Mexico-based nonprofit organization dedicated to encouraging thoughtful production and informed consumption of media. The organization was formed to produce the Taos Talking Picture Festival, a multi-cultural celebration of cinema artists, their art, and its audience. In the tradition of old Taos, the Festival will serve as a rendezvous where people meet to trade ideas and inspiration in an atmosphere conducive to clear, conscientious thought; a unique context in which to view and discuss the art of film and the ways in which media shape our lives.

Taos Talking Pictures will fund and support outreach and educational programs throughout the year in various aspects of media-centered education, such as:

The Anatomy of a Film ... a beginning course on what goes into the making of a film

Telling Stories Through Film ... exploring techniques for translating oral history and myth to film or videotape

Making the Most of Media ... a seminar on how television and film viewing affects us (particularly children) and how we can be more conscious consumers of entertainment and information

Screenwriting ... beginning through advanced classes

Directing ... an intensive primer on the human, aesthetic, and technological factors involved in motion picture directing

Producing ... the producer's role in the making of a film, video or television project

Acting ... courses in basic acting, film acting and the transition from stage to screen and vice versa