Taos Talking Pictures
Media Literacy Conference

Saturday, April 8, 1995

Subject Index

Dr. Robert Kubey-Introduction of Participants

Who Is Responsible For The Impact Of Media On Society?
Bob Kubey-Today's Topic,A Higher Calling,Are You Experienced ?
Deirdre Downs-The Political Economy, The Individual
Leslie Savan-A False Dichotomy

Entertainment: To Be, Or Not To Be
Victor Masayesva, Jr.-Preserving Ritual
Jonathan Wacks-The Message
Steve Nicolaides-One Step Beyond
Adam Clayton Powell, III-The Price Is Right

Preserving Our Cultural Heritage
Fay Kanin-Get Up, Get Involved
Steve Nicolaides-Pass It On
James Sanderville-Getting The Media To Listen

Conditioning To Consume
Leslie Savan-Numb and Number
Bob Kubey-Pasteurized And Homogenized
Deirdre Downs-Learning To Count In The Coin Of The Realm
Jonathan Wacks-Read Any Good Films Recently?

Corporate Interests, The Individual, And The Internet
Bob Kubey-Capitalist Punishment
Steve Nicolaides/Jonathan Wacks-Whose Medium Is This Anyway?
Leslie Savan-All Together Now,Exploiting The Final Frontier

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