Executive Director's Report
as delivered at the October Staff Meeting on October 3, 1997

[Also see October 15, 1997 Addendum]


  1. Submitted to the Board of Directors, two options for increase in user fees. The Board is assessing the options and will be approving a new schedule before the new year.

  2. A budget of $312,000 is required to maintain an infrastructure of la Plaza for a nonprofit status - personnel, technology and connectivity, office space and lab space. The increase in user fees must provide an income of $312,000. La Plaza cannot depend on grant dollars (soft money) to provide income, it is time for La Plaza to become self sustaining and then provide special projects to the community funded by outside sources of revenue; ie foundations, federal and state grants, corporations.

  3. The McCune Foundation approved the request to fund the community meeting expenses and board training for the board elected in November, 1997.
Community Outreach and Development:
  1. Daniel and I met with Laura Parks-Sierra, Taos Day School teacher, to discuss their Technology Plan and options for their connectivity.

  2. I met with Arnold Lopez and Gladyis Martinez, Penasco High School, and discussed specail projects for the students. I introduced them to Olivia Frost from the University of Michigan, who is developing class activities for Chicano students in Ann Arbor Michigan. Nancy Montano will teach several beginning HTML classes to the students in January 1998.

  3. Daniel and I met with Damen Benson, Business Manager for Holy Cross Hospital, and discussed connectivity for the staff and doctors. The Hospital will begin with one computer being connected for Internet access. Loretta will teach several classes for basic Internet access.

  4. Met with Los Alamos National Lab staff, Rick Ulibarri - Director's Office and liaison to State Government for economic development; and Teresa Trujillo, Community Outreach Office. We discussed the sustainabiltiy issues and will continue dialogue.

  5. Attended an orientation meeting in Albuquerque with the W.K. Kellogg foundation to learn about the Managing Information in Rural Amercia initiative (MIRA). The initiative is a 3 part series, with 3 RFP's the first RFP requires a community effort in developing clusters of community teams for leadeship training. La Plaza could participate as a team member but not do the developing of the teams and RFP. I discussed the teams with Bill Swan, Chamber of Commerce Board member and chairman of the Business committee. This may not be a project for La PLaza, more later as the teams have to be developed and operating before the other two RFP's can be submitted.

  6. Met with Rick Ulibarri, LANL, and staff at UNM Taos, Dr. Augustine Martinez, Jim Tucker, and Rudy Baca. We discussed and cussed the beginnings of La Plaza and the opportunities to partner. UNMTaos does not have a T-1 line, it has a 56Kbps line and would benefit from having a T-1 line installed. I will be working with UNM to develop connectivity from La PLaza and find funding, donation etc for a T-1 line.

  7. Daniel and I met with Warren Gaspar, Network Security Manager for USWest. Warren has recently moved to Taos and will telecommuting to Denver with his job. He had suggestions regarding the hacker incident and will also be a source for reference, etc with USWest.
Grants and future projects:
  1. Forouz Jowkar developed and we submitted a request to the MCI foundation for $150,000 to fund public access in Penasco and Questa at 100% the current costs, and 50% costs for the TLC. The funding dates are June 98 to May 99. This would continue the free public access for the schools and the 3 health clinics (TIAP) and 5 community outreach trainers.

  2. Forouz Jowkar is developing a $67,000 request to W.K.Kellogg to extend the current grant and provide training for public school teachers to put lessons on line.

  3. The Microsoft request, Mike Bearden developed, for 10 PCs was denied. We are going to redesign the request and continue to submit for Pcs to replace some of the Macs in the TLC.

  4. The printer request submitted to LANL in August is still being processed.

  5. Mike Bearden and I will submit a bid to La Jacarita Enterprises in Mora to conduct a feasibility study for a Telecommuniations and Internet service and a Multi-media business in designated areas in Mora, Taos, and Rio Arriba counties.
Community Meeting:
  1. The meeting will be held on October 13, 1997 at 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM at the Taos School Auditorium. We will discuss that meeting and the roles and responsibilities for the staff on that day.

  2. Ads have been in the Taos News and articles will be published in both Taos News and Albuquerque Journal.
Hacker incident:

I will let Dan give the report on this incident.

Submitted on October 3, 1997

Judith Pepper