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Designed by
Rona Ortega

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This lesson was developed as a part of the Questa Independent School District and
La Plaza Telecommunication's project taught by Nancy Montano.

This is a lesson done on the computer with a Read Write & Type CD. Students K-3 learn to master phonics and reading skills as they learn to write.

Content Area and Grade Level
"This lesson is anchored in first and second grade language arts and involves social studies to a lesser extent." This lesson can be used with K-3 grades.

Curriculum Standards
New Mexico Language Arts Content Standards Addressed

1) Students will understand and use Language Arts for communication.
2) Students will understand and use Language Arts as a learning tool.
3) Students will listen and read for a variety of purposes.
4) Students will use a variety of listening and reading strategies appropriately.
7) Students will respond personally, analytically, and critically to written and spoken language, and other media.
10) Students will use state-of-the-art computer and other technology to gather, use and synthesize information, and to create and communicate knowledge.

Students will:

Students will develop these skills as they use the program and listen to the helping hands. However, some students may need to repeat lessons for reinforcement. Children say, see, hear, and touch each letter/sound thousands of times as they gradually build their skills from syllables to words, phrases, sentences, and stories.

Implementation Overview
Read Write & Type contains  40 lessons, each lesson introduces a new phoneme. This is a self paced program. A level consists of four letters/sounds. Some students may finish a level in one-half hour, whereas another student may finish half of a level in the same amount of time. Lefty LaDee and Rightway Mckay, the Helping Hands, begin each lesson by introducing one letter and its sound or pairs of letters and their sound.

Entry Level Skills and Knowledge
Students should know their letters before starting the lesson.  Although, the helping hands will show them where the letter are.  Teachers should have basic computer skills.

Students earn a certificate after passing each level.  By the time the students have finished Level 3, they will know enough  letters to start writing.  Then the students write a story or a poem at the E-Mail Tower.  Students will draw a picture to go with their story or poem. Their project will then be put on  the web.

Students will learn to read and write through technology.  Later, families can view the students work on the web!

For the Teacher | For the Student

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