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Nursery Rhyme Fun

Designed by
Julia Montoya

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This lesson was developed as part of an Internet Class for teachers of the Taos Municipal School District. Nancy Montano of La Plaza Telecommunity taught the class.

I chose the topic of Nursery Rhymes because I teach music K-5 and I found that Nursery Rhymes are an excellent way to teach rhythm, rhyme and drama to students. This lesson will help students become familiar with many different Nursery Rhymes.

Content Area and Grade Level

This lesson is geared for grades K-2. However, it can also be used effectively with upper elementary grades in various creative activities. As music encompasses many subject areas, this lesson can be incorporated into subject areas such as Language Arts, Reading, Social Studies, Drama, Art or Math.

Curriculum Standards

As a result of this lesson students will learn a variety of Nursery Rhymes. They will also learn rhyming, rhythm, counting, sequencing, drama, singing, reading etc.

The following Content Standards and Benchmarks for Art Education in the state of New Mexico are met in this lesson:

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Introduction|Content Area|Standards|Implementation|Resources|Entry Skills|Evaluation|Conclusion

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