Hot Air Balloon Exam

Match the words with their definition.(5 points each)

1. ______Basket                      A.  Deflects the wind around the burner flame.
2. ______Burner                      B.  A huge air bag made of fabric.
3. ______Burner Supports       C.  The load-carrying part of a balloon.
4. ______Crown                      D. Keep the basket stiff and hold up the load frame and burner.
5. ______Envelope                  E.  Panels of fabric cut at angles to form the shape of the balloon.
6. ______Gores                       F.  Connect the basket to the balloon.
7. ______Load Tapes              G.  The top of the balloon.
8. ______Skirt                         H.  Heats the balloon to allow it to fly.
9. -______Suspension Cable    I.  Distribute the payload evenly to the fabric itself.
10. ______ Aeronaut               J.  Used for cold inflation.
11. ______ Inflator fan             K. The open end of the envelope.
12. ______ Mouth                   L.  A balloon pilot

Write a short answer for each question.(10 points each)

How does a pilot steer a balloon?

What is a chase crew?

How old can you be to first fly a balloon?

What makes a balloon fly?

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