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Come take a virtual balloon ride.  You will learn about the parts of a balloon.  You will also learn what it takes to fly a balloon.  You will write a story of your adventure.  Then you will make two models of a Hot Air Balloon.  Finally, you will test your knowledge of ballooning.

The Task
You will answer the following questions:

How does a pilot steer a balloon?
What is a chase crew?
How old can you be to first fly a balloon?
What makes a balloon fly?
What is a basket?
What is a burner?
What are burner supports?
What is a crown?
What is a envelope?
What is a gore?
What are load tapes?
What is a skirt?
What are suspension cables?
What is the mouth of a balloon?
What is an aeronaut?
What is an inflator fan?


Day 1 - Parts of a Balloon
You will learn the parts of the balloon.
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Day 2 Frequently Asked Questions and Glossary
You will read frequently asked questions and glossary.

Day 3 - Paper Mache Balloon
Come start to make first model of a Hot Air Balloon.

Day 4 - Hot and Water Experiment
Do a density experiment.

Day 5 - Decorate Paper Mache Balloon
Finish your first model of a balloon.

Day 6 - Float and Sink Experiment
Do a buoyancy experiment.

Day 7 - Recycled paper model
Make your second model of a balloon.

Day 8 - Field trip or Virtual Ride
Come take a balloon virtual ride.
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Day 9 - Write Story
Tell us about your adventure.

Day 10 - Publish Story
Publish your story.

Day 11 Review for Exam
Time to review for the exam.

Day 12 - Exam
Test your knowledge of ballooning.

Web Site Resources

Ballooning:         Balloon Zone
                          Parts of the balloon
                          Cyber balloon ride
                          Balloon Picture Gallery
                          Links of balloon sites #1
                          Links of balloon sites #2
                          Quick time VR 3D panorama
                          Junior Balloonist Page


You will be evaluated on the completion of all activities and the exam.


Welcome to the sport of ballooning. Now you will sound like you know what you're talking about if you should ever book a flight, go to a rally, or be a spectator at a launch or landing site.  I hope that some day you take a real balloon ride, then you will see why I enjoy ballooning so much.

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