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Students will decorate a paper mache model of a balloon.

Class Arrangement

Arrange the class into small cooperative group.  A good size is four.


Per group of three or four students:
Different colors of tempera paint, four paper plates, newspaper, four berry baskets, sixteen pieces of string or yarn, different colors of colored tissue paper cut in one inch, dried balloon from previous lesson four pairs of scissors, and a hole punch


  1. Gather materials.
  2. Pop the balloon inside the paper mache balloon if it is not already popped.
  3. Cut the opening of the balloon so that it is even all around.
  4. Punch four holes in the base of the balloon.
  5. Cover your desk with newspaper.
  6. Paint the balloon as you like.
  7. Roll colored tissue paper with the eraser end of a pencil.
  8. Placed the rolled tissue in the openings of the berry basket, until all of the holes are filled.
  9. Tie the yarn or string to the holes in the balloon.
  10. Tie the other end to the four corners of the berry basket.


Did the student follow the procedures to finish the model?

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