Procedure for Making Recycled Paper Model of a Hot Air Balloon
  1. Gather materials. Per group of three or four students:  8 recycled newspapers, 8 sheets of blank newsprint or 8 remnant samples of wallpaper, stapler filled with staples, 16 pieces of string or yarn, 4 berry baskets, 4 pairs of scissors, markers, crayons,  pattern of hot air balloon and colored tissue paper cut in 1 inch squares.
  2. Cover your desk with newspaper.
  3. Trace pattern of balloon on two of the sheets of blank newsprint or 2 remnant samples of wallpaper.
  4. Color the balloon with markers and crayons.
  5. Punch four holes in the base of the balloon.
  6. Place the two sheets together with the colored sides on the outside.
  7. Staple all around the balloon.  ***LEAVE AN OPENING SO YOU CAN STUFF YOUR BALLOON.
  8. Stuff your balloon with balled up newspaper.
  9. Staple the opening of the balloon.
  10. Punch four holes in the base of the balloon.
  11. Roll colored tissue paper with the eraser end of a pencil.
  12. Placed the rolled tissue in the openings of the berry basket, until all of the holes are filled.
  13. Tie the yarn or string to the holes in the balloon.
  14. Tie the other end to the four corners of the berry basket.
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