Rachel Spears Rachel Spears
10th grade - Taos High School
Parents:  Mary Spear

The definition of a millennium is a duration of one thousand years. This new coming millennium symbolizes the completion of this time period and the birth of a new origination. On January 1, 2000, each individual on earth will experience an event so immense and majestic, that people fear it. Many people think this New Year's Day will bring, with it, the end of the world. Others are terribly troubled with the "Y2K Bug," the fear that the main computers will shut down causing great commotion. People suspect lack of water, inability to purchase food, gasoline, withdraw money from banks, plus other predicaments. Personally, I look at the approaching event as truly remarkable. I believe I am extremely privileged to be capable of experiencing it. Just the idea of the year 2000 makes my heart luster with delight. It will be a historical occurrence, whether tragedy or wondrous, nobody knows.

My name is Rachel Spears, and I am a sophomore at Taos High School. I am a ten-year Girl Scout and enjoy playing soccer, hockey, and encountering with science. I am a 4.6 student and won first place at last year's Regional Science Fair in Las Vegas. My project was Aquatic Corruption, with the problem "Will the presence of a contaminant affect the depth to which light can penetrate aquatic habitats?" The imprecise problem of my experiment this year is "Will the consumption of the enzyme, flavanoid, reduce the aging process of the brain?" I was thinking of titling this project, "Got the Blues?," considering the flavanoid enzyme is found in blueberries. A computer with intemet access would help me tremendously with researching and assembling my project.

In the next millennium I plan on continuing in the field of science by attending college. I am uncertain which college to attend, but I do want to proceed with my education. Internet access would help me select a college, plus help seek out financial aid so I have the ability to attend. Each college has a web site with essential information about the college.

Then on the occasion of deciding on an area of permanent interest, I strategize creating a career as a biologist or a biology teacher, as a fall back. These careers would prevent me from interrupting my education, after all you should live as if you were to die tomorrow, but learn as if you were to live forever.

One primary goal of mine is to save the world. I understand it seems like an impossible fantasy, but I will give it all I have. Anything seems impossible until it is accomplished. Many people who finally succeed, succeeded -- Only because they have failed after repeated efforts. If they had never met defeat, they would never have known any great victory. Another motivation is in the words of Walt Disney, "It's kind of fun to do the impossible."

I desire to see a numerous amount of things in the next millennium. I would love to see world peace, pollution terminated, rain forest regrown, and crimes diminished, plus more. How would I use knowledge learned? If I had the knowledge, this is what I would do. I would save the world. That is like the question how would you spend a billion dollars you earned? If I had a billion dollars it would be invested in this cause. Did you know the United States spends more money on cosmetics in one year than what it would take to end starvation in Africa?

This new-coming millennium is bound to be a great adventure, beginning on the very first day. The adventure becoming greater as each day progresses. I am ready for the challenge. Are you?


Nicholas Woodall