La Plaza Staff and Volunteer Appreciation Day!

On Friday, October 22, 1999, La Plaza staff and volunteers came together during lunch to share food, drinks and relax. This was a day for La Plaza to show its appreciation to volunteers and staff for their hard work and contributions. La Plaza is a healthy, vibrant community network today because of this dedicated group of unique people.

When asked, what do you appreciate about La Plaza...........

Marcia Kuska, volunteer:

"For three years it has been both a challenge and a delight to volunteer at La Plaza as it has grown tremendously in size and service.  Users come in from all over the world to retrieve their email or check the net.  While I first came to La Plaza as a volunteer in order to learn more about computers I now find my work helps provide a needed service to my community."

Sheldon Steinbock, volunteer:

"La Plaza understands its users' needs and meets those needs by providing a level of service which is premier in the local ISP environment.  The
entire staff is competent and committed to excellence.  I feel fortunate to be associated with La Plaza, both as a customer and a volunteer."

Nancy Montano, Content Coordinator:

 "What a great place to work, even in the most difficult times, we pull together and are able to find solutions to ensure that La Plaza fulfills it's mission of providing access, training, and education on information technology to our community."

Debbie Medina, La Plaza's Bookkeeper 

"I enjoy my work and the people around me. I appreciate being appreciated and I am happy to be a part of a working team."

Judith Pepper, Executive Director:

"I appreciate each individual staff and volunteer working at La Plaza. Each person brings an array of expertise that enhances our service delivery to northern New Mexico.  We are a compatible group and enjoy working together to serve the community."

Loretta Suazo, Learning Center Manager:

"You are more than co-workers, you were there as friends when I lost my mother this past Spring.  It's a joy to work with such a wonderful group of people."

Jovanna and Diann

Dianna Montoya, volunteer: 

"Volunteering at La Plaza has given me the opportunity to learn from some really nice, knowledgeable and professional people, and I am grateful for this opportunity."

Ray Vollmer, volunteer:

 "I appreciate La Plaza allowing me to come in to do my internship after completing my training with CompUSA.  I enjoyed getting to know everyone there and was glad to see a place of business where everyone got along without a lot of heavy dynamics getting in the way of work.  I appreciate the staff taking time to show me a glimpse of what they do there and stopping to answer my questions.

Some Happy La Plaza Volunteers 

Those who got away without a picture

Jovanna Poe,  Learning Center Assistant:   "La Plaza provides a wonderful learning environment.  I appreciate the many things I have learned from other staff members and everyone's willingness to share their technical knowledge."

Oban Lambie (System Adm):   "I really appreciate the 50 bucks!!!"

Jeffrey Martinez (THS Student): "I really appreciate how two years ago La Plaza took me in and made it easy to be new and to teach me how to make web pages and learn so much about the web.

And to those who were unable to join us, many thanks for your hard work!!!

Carlos Romero, THS Student volunteer

Gilbert Gallegos, TLC Volunteer

La PLaza Telecommunity