La Plaza in the News

Judith Pepper, Executive Director of La Plaza Telecommunity, has been recognized as one "of the active and dedicated leaders" for Taos County in the June/July issue of New Mexico Business Journal. An in-depth  community profile of Taos and the Enchanted Circle features the various efforts being made to build a balanced economy.  The articles feature how leaders in the various communities are working together to ensure a more diversified economy for the citizens of Taos and surrounding areas with respect to the traditional history and culture of the area.

Upon being recognized as a mover and shaker in Taos, Judith says, "I'm honored to be considered an active and dedicated leader in Taos County.  This speaks to the impact on the county of both La Plaza Telecommunity and information technology.  Taos County residents are using the Internet for communication, e-commerce, research and are benefiting from the global interaction with the technology.  I'm delighted to be involved in this new frontier in our multi-cultural community.

The following community leaders were profiled in the following article by the NM Business Journal.

From the New Mexico Business Journal, June/July 1999

"Taos and the Enchanted Circle benefit from the efforts of various men and women who are acknowledged as being active and dedicated leaders.  Here are a few of them:

Josh Bryant is the founding director of Taos Talking Pictures, which presents the Taos Talking Pictures Festival.  He is also vice president of production for Enchantment Pictures, Inc.

Wally Dobbs is the marketing director for the Red River Ski Area.  He is also a member of the Region 5 Marketing Tourism Board.

Judith Pepper is the executive director of La Plaza Telecommunity in Taos.  She serves on the board of directors of the Taos County Chamber of Commerce and of the Town of Taos Economic Development Commission.  She is a member of the Taos County Telecommunications Task Force.

Ernest Romero is a managing partner of Century 21 Success and president of Taos Management Company.  He is also a member of the Economic Development Committee of the Taos County Chamber of Commerce.

Tim Woolridge is president of Rio Grande Airways.  He is also president of the Twining Water and Sanitation District, which serves the Village of Taos Ski Valley.  He formerly served as town councilor of the Village of Taos Ski Valley."

Congratulations Judith and La Plaza!

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