La Jicarita Enterprise Community
P.O. Box 546
Penasco, New Mexico 87553
Rio Arriba, Taos and Mora County Census Tracts
La Jicarita Enterprise Community's Strategic Plan proposes an experimental in rural socioeconomic
development utilizing the community as laboratory,  its residents as participants/observers and its leaders as catalysts.   The experimental objective is to measure improvements in the community's collective quality of life as a function of individual/community Empowerment produced by building collaborative private/public partnerships.   The community referred to as LJEC is part of a tri-county regional project which encompasses Taos, Mora, and Rio Arriba counties.

The Empowerment Zone and Enterprise Community Initiative presents an opportunity for both rural and urban communities throughout the United States to take part of a program that is designed to afford communities real opportunities for growth and revitalization.   The program was designed to empower people and communities across the nation to work together to create jobs and opportunities, and ongoing grassroots participation is a key element of this program.

La Jicarita Enterprise Community is committed to work towards a collaborative effort with local, state, and federal agencies in bringing the vision of the community to a state of realty.   The efforts put forth by LJEC are included in the following list of successful collaboration between all levels of government and other private/public partnership.
              1.  LJEC has been instrumental in acquiring over $10.5 million dollar in infrastructure
                  development for water systems in the Enterprise Community.
              2.  LJEC is the recipient of a 1.1 million National Department of Education,  School To
                  Work Program.   The project is being implemented in the Espanola, Penasco, and Mora
                   High schools over a 3 year implemented plan.
              3.  LJEC is collaborating with the following agencies for additional programs and projects
                   which directly impact our service areas.   DVR,  NM Alliance for Supportive Employ-
                   ment,  $750,000 for a three year project.
              4.  Taos Youth Build Program.   $750,000 for a construction related program with
                   opportunities for dropouts or students at risk.
              5.  Another program dealing with development disabled population in the three counties
                   has been awarded to DVR for a Transition Into Apprenticeship program, for $750,000
                   for a three year project.
              6.  La Jicarita Enterprise Community is currently negotiating for the administration of
                   programmatic funds which will be invested into a community driven small business loan
                   program.   $250,000 are being invested for support of this initiative.
              7.  La Jicarita EC is also investing over $1.8 million into job creation and community
                   capacity building for the communities associated with LJEC.
              8.  La Jicarita EC strongly supports a collaboration between the educational facilities from
                   both NNMCC and LUNA Vocational Tech.   Through our partnership we have been
                   able to acquire federal funds for a distance learning initiative,  and a Rural Business
                   Economic Grant $117,000 to promote arts and crafts and artist studio tours.

La Jicarita Enterprise Community will continue to serve as one of five states addressing border related issues.   We currently are a key player in a Southwest Border Region initiative.   Texas, California, Arizona, and Washington state make up this region.   The collaboration is the first EZ/EC and strongly supported by both President Clinton,  and Vice President Al Gore.   LJEC sees room for several economic spin-off opportunities both at the state and community levels of government.

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