1999 Taos Community Garden Activities

Come join us and work in the sun, learn traditional agricultural skills and have fun!

For the 1999 Community Garden Season, we are offering the community many ways to get involved:

Volunteer Opportunities:We always need volunteers to get down in the dirt and get their hands muddy. You can help us plant, weed, or harvest, depending on the season. This volunteer work counts as community service for many state programs and will help you gain skills to feed your family or supplement your income. In addition, for five hours of volunteer work in the garden, anyone can qualify for one weekly share of garden produce!

Garden Shares: We are again offering purchased shares in the community garden. By purchasing a share in the garden, you are supporting a community project and receiving fresh produce weekly, throughout the harvest season. The size and mix of produce in the shares is dependent completely on the weekly harvest--but sure to please with a mix of wholesome pesticide free and chemical free vegetables, herbs or flowers for the season. We also offer a "Taos Food Center" share, which includes a variety of food products made at our commercial kitchen, such as scones, tamales, salsa, and a variety of other fresh baked and canned goods.

Garden Workshops: Throughout the season, we offer a variety of garden workshops with local experts and are always interested in both attendees and volunteers to help with these workshops.

Workshops have included: building cold - frames and adding value by packaging and processing your produce.

Taos Food Center: We invite all agriculture producers to take advantage of the services and equipment at Taos food center, including a large coolroom for storage, a juicer, a pulper (for processing fruit and vegetable sauces or purrs), and a full canning line.

Small Business Assistance: TCEDC offers both technical assistance and small business assistance to help you start-up or expand your agriculture or food business. From forming your own CSA to business planning or package regulations, we can help you out.

The Harvest Festival: Based on a successful Harvest Festival in 1998, with over 200 attendees, we will be celebrating the harvest again this year, with artist, produce and food booths, tasting competitions, a pumpkin carving contest, and for the whole family. Plan on joining us in the Fall!

Produce list for 1999 (partial):

  • Vegitables: Sugar pumpkins, carrots, beets, potatoes, salad mix cucumbers, zucchini, green and bush beans, snowpeas, corn, tomatoes, peppers, melons, kale, broccoli, radish, etc.
  • Herbs: Basil, dill, fennel, mint, savory, licorice mint, echium, etc.
  • Flowers: Astor, dahlia, zinnia, foxglove, calendula, sunflowers….
  • Most of our seeds are native and heirloom varieties.

Where to buy produce:

In addition to purchaseing shares, the community Garden produces at the Taos Farmer's Market each Saturday thoughout the harvest season. This year we will have flowers at the market, in addition to the freash vegatables and herbs. We also have mint food processors at the Taos Food Center products at your local Grocery stores!


The 1999 Community Garden Activities
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