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Felix Trujillo, Anciano's

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"The most important thing to me is being able to keep our culture and our Hispanic people together, because the newcomers are trying to take over and I can't see that happening. We need to unite and keep our cultures the way they were."

"I have been fortunate to have accomplished most of my dreams such as being a part of the planning and zoning department for 10 years and help to keep the Taos Plaza historical. Also, as a part of Ancianos and using the people as historians I am able to piece together the history of Taos for the other organizations I am a part of. I use the people of Anciano's to give demonstrations at places like the Martinez Hacienda in quilt making, or carvings to teach others. Now my dream is to have our Hispanic children learn to use computers and take advantage of the opportunities that are given at the schools and with La Plaza and the Internet."

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