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Gustavo Cordova, Town Manager

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"The most important thing to me is family and the value it gives to life and things I do for the community. I look forward to going home after a days work to my family. I believe that without family you become married to your work. Family adds value to life."

"I enjoy working with the community and being a public service making a difference in the community. Taos is growing and how can we accommodate the newcomers without changing the culture. However, there are ways to regulate and preserve the culture and tradition of Taos so as to not change to drastically."

"My biggest dream is to see significant improvement to the educational system so that all small communities can enjoy the benefits. The disparity I see is that the limited resources of this state are channeled to larger communities, therefore, the smaller communities miss out on resources they need to educate their children. Such places like Los Alamos are fully automated in their school systems because of Los Alamos National Laboratory, but communities like Penasco are barely starting out. I believe that the more we educate our kids the more successful they will be."

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