1998 Eight Northern Pueblos Youth Arts and Crafts Fair

Taos Day School Winners

Wade-4th grade - 1st Place Poem

Isaac-4th grade - 2nd Place Poem

Kelli-4th grade - 3rd Place Poem

James-4th grade - 1st Place Art

Nicolette-4th grade - 3rd Place Art

Nathan-5th grade - 1st Place Art

Michael-5th grade - 3rd Place Art

Bennett-7th grade - 1st Place Poem

Nikki-7th grade - 2nd Place Poem

Emily-7th grade - 3rd Place Poem

Lynnette-7th grade - 2nd Place Art

Dale-8th grade - 1st Place Poem

Diane-8th grade - 2nd Place Poem

Chasere-8th grade - 1st Place Art

Jimmy-8th grade - 2nd Place Art

The Students' winning artwork and poetry will be posted soon! (We hope.)

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