Taos Day School Eagles


We are the best!

The first Cheerleading squad at Taos Day School started in the year of 1992. The first squad of cheerleaders were Naarah, Diane, April, Anita, Maria, Tammy, Sara, Sunshine, Kirby, Shannon, Rainbow and Kyle, with sponsor Kathryn Brown. The cheerleaders here may not be all that great but they are showing support for their school.

None of the other Eight Northern Pueblos schools have a cheerleading squad. Taos has received many awards for their outstanding cheerleaders. Taos still hopes to continue showing support for the Taos Day School Eagles and Lady Eagles. The cheerleaders in the year of 97-98 were Jordan, Sunshine, Nashima and Amber. Good Luck to all future cheerleaders of Taos Day School!

- by former cheerleader Asia

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