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Health Center Director,
Kay Tsouhlarakis
Kay is a member of the Creek Nation of Oklahoma and has been with Taos/Picuris Clinic for the last 5 years. She is here with her four children and husband George Tsouhlarakis who is a silversmith (NAVEEK). Her education includes a B.A. degree in Socialogy from the Oklahoma State University. She has been with the Indian Health Service for 20 years and 13 years as Director of the Haskell Indian Junior College Health Center in Lawrence, Kansas. Her interests include, reading, traveling, Pow-wows, and outdoor activites.
Tsouhlarakis says "I am thoroughly enjoying my job. The move to the new clinic, additional staff and services have been very exciting to be part of. Coworkers at the clinic are great, very caring, hard working. Have enjoyed working with both Tribes, and their tribal programs. People at both Pueblos have made us feel welcome and at home."
OCT/NOV 1997
Medical Records and Business Office Supervisor,
Sharon Martinez
Sharon is Taos/Acoma decent and is here with her 3 sons and 1 grandson. She has with been with PHS &IHS for twenty year and has worked in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Mescalero, San Francisco, Acoma and Taos. Ms. Martinez also has had the opportunity to observe tribally operated health care facilities in Alaska, Arizona, California, and Nebraska. She states that "Medical Records and Business Office are here for the patients and our co-workers. We encourage patients to ask questions, to give feedback on the services they recieve.
Martinez's interests are traveling, camping, fishing and of course being in the health care field.



The Public Health Service is committed to achieving the health promotion and disease prevention objectives of "Healthy People 2000" with use the of Internet data.

How can the Internet do that? Many people think the Internet is for games, chat and sales. The World Wide Web already has more than 25,000 health related sites. You can search medical literature, access journal articles and medical textbooks, guides to diagnosing and treating many conditions, as well as cooking guides and healthy recipes and much more.

Can I trust the advice I get online? Online health information can be used to supplement the material you receive in printed format. A lot of the times patients are afraid to ask questions or seek help from their physician. When you access the Internet to search for something in general or search for something confidential, we ready ourselves in getting information and educating ourselves. (Any medical advice provided on the Internet should be confirmed - always consult your physician and get a second opinion).

There are many informative and educational information materials on the Internet. If you can get to a computer, you can find information that you need and may be able to really make a difference in yours or someone's life. People are anxious for information that'll help make the best medical decisions possible. The Internet is a great place to start, with a little patience and time.

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