Tristen Montoya

Hello my name is Tristen Montoya. I am 16 years of age as of 2001. This is the summary of my life so far. I was raised in Taos New Mexico all my life by Juanita & Thomas Montoya.

They are my parents and all they do is yell at the top of there lungs     when I screw up, and they also award me when I do good.  Some people are really based on the stereotypical crap that was made up about Indians as they call us in Hollywood.

No my friend I don't have a dot above my fore head that must be the clue that I'm a Native American. I just want to stress that.

Any way I lived and I'm still living in the small town of Taos. I belong to the Taos Pueblo Tribe where we still uphold our tradition.

So if you want the whole story you can visit my website at or

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remember that the o in zero is a zero!!!!!