Tristen Montoya
This is the first web page that I will ever assemble in my life thanks to Nancy our teacher.
This web site consist of personal information, stories ,and some of my best art.  I hope you enjoy my web site.

About me
My family

     This is the pueblo where I spend some of the year.
                             Taos Pueblo
The links above are for you to find out more about me and get a feel of who I am. Also if you would like to have another E-Mailing friend or just like to write me about the links, I would be more than happy to answer your E-MAIL!!!

The town of Taos is located roughly 65 miles north of Santa Fe New Mexico. Our town is mostly a tourist town. The pueblo where I belong from has been standing for about 1000 years which is great for my tribe, because other tribes in New Mexico have been swept away in the last 200 to 275 years . Our pueblo has been keeping up with it's customs and dances for many years, I think our ways of life and tradition will last far beyond the end of time. Any way feel free to browse through out the web site .remember my E-mail is

  remember that the o in zero is a zero.