Guillermo Chavez Rosette

Guillmero is an artist and visionary of the Tolteca Anahuaca Tradition. As a historian and an art teacher his work on the community art projects in San Diego and Los Angeles help create the Chicano Indigenous traditions in Chicano Park, Los Angeles, Taos, and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

He studied in Mexico City at the National School of Art, San Diego City College, San Diego State University Summer Mural Art at the Centro Cultural de la Raza, Balboa Park, San Diego, American Indian Arts Institute, Santa Fe, Ogalala Lakota College, Kile South Dakota.

As a Tolteca artista he has accomplished many murals throughout the San Diego area, as well as in Los Angeles, Plaza de la Raza in Lincoln Park, Los Angeles. He has also created a commemorative mural at the Guadalupe Posadas, Residence in Mexico City in 1979.

Guillermo states: Mexico City murals were the most fun and most historical in fact. All other Chicano Murals evolution and contributing to the cultural revolution of the seventies. Besides being an artist and a muralist, he is a Sun Dancer and a Traditional Azteca-Tolteca-Chichimeca dancer and musician

He has been actively painting for a living for the past twenty years.  One of the most valuable designs has been the Buffalo Murals.  He has hand painted over a million buffaloes and half a million horses. All commissions were treated equally in devotion, honesty, and true feeling with inner inspiration as well as any commission design.  He treats all his work with equal respect.  Painting is his life projected with inspirations of the whole wide world of the mysticism and the spiritual interconnectedness with guidance.

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